Etsy Collaborates with Museum Of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History has all sorts of treats—from the dinosaurs to the whale replica to the slices of thousand year old trees (and most importantly, to the Shake Shack down the block). But most fascinating perhaps is their gift shop, especially now that Etsy and the Museum of Natural History's Gift Shop have collaborated to create a one of a kind collection.

Approximately 22 Etsy designers have come together to display and sell handmade goods inspired by the museum's own collections. And today, you can begin shopping it! The collaboration boasts all sorts of things, including candles, vases, and prints, like a playful space alphabet poster that I kind of want for my living room.

And in true Etsy fashion, there is beautiful jewelry, and lots of it. Necklaces, earrings, and even cuff links are available in the shapes of keys, butterflies, and even an adorable blue whale pendant. A slew of scarves (including some that are hand-painted) come in a variety of prints, like flowers and elephants. My particular favorite? A white speckled leather pouch perfect for keeping little trinkets in your purse or while you travel.

Items for the home can also be found in the collection, like bowls, tea cups, and a hanging planter. Of course, there's some fun for the kiddies, too. Think: An adorable Fantastic Mr. Fox coat and a similar lion and dinosaur overcoat.

As an Etsy obsessed woman, I would love having a place to see their handmade items in the flesh. I can't wait to pick up a geometric bangle (or two) and a crystal amethyst shaped piece of soap. As if I needed another reason to visit the museum!

You can shop these items online as well, from the American Museum of Natural History online store.

Images: American Museum of Natural History