Optical Illusions Get So Much Better Than A Dress

Look down at your hands right now. What do you see? Skin, right? (PLEASE, I hope the answer is "skin".) That dermatological organ shield you're looking at might be somewhat unremarkable to you, but to someone else, it might be an entire canvas of possibility. Natalie Fletcher, an artist who paints on human bodies so stunningly that they don't even look human anymore, might look at your skin and see a depth of potential that you never considered. Her paintings are ambitious, incredibly detailed optical illusions, painting entire bodies into landscapes and creating geometric mind trips that seem to defy all the logic your eyeballs can try to use against them.

And the best part is, we're going to be getting a hell of a lot more of these paintings: Natalie plans to take her artistic talent on a six-month tour across America, where she will paint at least two bodies in each of the fifty states (so basically if she swings near New York, this is me officially putting my hat in the ring for consideration, thank you please). The "100 Bodies Of America" tour has already kicked off and is getting chronicled on her personal blog.

When you take a look at these mesmerizing illusions we'll all feel collectively more embarrassed about our obsession with The Dress. (Every time we reach our threshold for embarrassment about this, I've noticed, we manage to top ourselves all over again). Here is a handy map if you want to be a part of the fun (contact her on Facebook to see if she's coming near you):

And here are a few of the amazing works that are guaranteed to trip you out for the rest of the day:

Images: Natalie Fletcher/Facebook