Kylie Is An It-Girl According to 'CR Fashion Book'

CR Fashion Book's latest issue features "It Girls" with serious fashion confidence. Naturally, such a list has to include certain ladies who are making a splash right now. You'd expect Kendall Jenner to make an appearance, but no, a different Jenner sister exercises her modeling chops here. That's right, CR Fashion Book 's new issue includes Kylie Jenner, along with supermodel Gigi Hadid, singer Lady Gaga, and model Lara Stone. And I totally agree with the decision to include Kylie over her more well-known older counterpoint.

The Kardashians have had a busy 2015 so far. Kendall is basically taking over fashion month. Khloe dyed her hair blonde, as did Kim, who is also busy making appearances at fashion weeks around the world with North West in tow. Kylie and her bold lips and ombré tips seem to have taken a backseat to a other family drama lately, but this photo shoot reminds us that the seventeen year old is one to watch.

CR Fashion Book praised the younger Jenner for being a "free spirit" when it comes to fashion. The quote next to her flawless picture states, "She's a free spirit and her beauty vibrates with the energy of L.A. I'm excited to see where she takes it." Kylie's style is definitely something to be appreciated. She's not afraid to experiment with practically every hair color under the sun and has taken the high road to rumors about plastic surgery on her lips. Her and Kendall's PacSun Collection also receives a subtle shout-out in the feature.

Check out a super cool image from the editorial below!