Old-School Romance Looks Like Modern-Day Stalking

Most millennials have at least one set of grandparents with a love story that entails meeting, falling in love, and not having sex all within the space of a week. A new video by College Humor puts an old-fashioned love story in a modern context and in the process reveals just how creepy mid-century courting actually was. Sure, it was the norm to pursue a girl until she "gave in" and propose after a date or two, but that just means being a stalker was the norm. Yep, your grandfather was probably pretty skeezy — but hey, that was just what was expected of him, so he really didn't have much of a choice, did he?

Like the young girl depicted in the video, I have known a guy or two that assumed we had a magical connection after only just meeting. After an ill-advised one-night stand in my early 20s with an Italian floutist (yes, he played the flute — I could not make this up), I fended off a steady stream of romantic gibberish about our romantic destiny for about a month. I guess if it were in my grandmother's time, I might have just married him because I wouldn't want to seem ungrateful – and men don't grow on trees, after all! All I have to say is, thank goddess for feminism and the 21st Century.

Image: Fotolia