Charlotte Russe Releases First Plus Size Line

Since your teenage days, Charlotte Russe has been your go-to stop between grabbing your venti caramel frappe with extra whip and heading to Claire's for a new pair of shiny, stud earrings during weekend laps around your local mall. The retailer offers up never-fail trendy pieces that are budget friendly enough for a 15-year-old's meager allowance. But now, the brand is offering something even cooler: Charlotte Russe is releasing a plus size range, according to Racked, so everyone can get in on the fabulous goods!

The new collection, Charlotte Russe+, will feature dainty dresses, sexy skirts, and beautiful blouses in sizes up to 3X, and jeans in sizes 16 through 24. The coolest part of the collection? The stunning plus size bloggers promoting the new line. You can't get much cooler than these ladies.

Charlotte Russe is setting up a new Instagram account dedicated to the line (@CharlotteRussePlus) that'll feature notable plus size fashion and lifestyle bloggers like Gabrielle Gregg (the gorgeous gal behind GabiFresh) rocking the new threads, so you know they've gotta be something special. The plus size line is set to launch in select stores and online on March 9th so get ready to get gorgeous!

Images: Fotolia; Charlotte Russe Instagram