Are Ghost Lashes The Next Big Thing In Beauty?

Eyelashes are my best friend. So when Amelia Diamond of ManRepeller reported that ghost lashes could be the next eyelash trend, my stomach dropped a little bit. Despite my natural, ultra-blonde hair, I was blessed with thick, already curled, dark lashes. And now fashion is taking the one good thing I had away from me. Rude.

But, this look is adorable. And it could save time on typical morning beauty routines. In order to get the ghost lash trend, you either disguise your dark eyelashes with white mascara or skip the mascara-step in your beauty routine altogether if you happen to be fair-haired to begin with.

ManRepeller is actually celebrating the art of ghost lashes, after a user commented that even with extensions, her naturally blonde lashes won't hold dark color. Diamond writes that "ghost lashes tell beautiful lies of spending days outdoors on surfboards in the sun," or days in the snow (or that you're secretly a Nordic ice-princess).

Whether this is a new trend or not, ManRepeller points out that ghost lashes are here to remind us that all beauty types should be celebrated. While I was born with contrasting dark lashes, my best friend has light lashes but the most striking blue eyes I've ever seen and when she wears mascara it seems to dull their shine. All beauty types deserve to be celebrated as they are. While extensions may make Diamond feel like a babe, Alexander Wang preferred his models sans-mascara at his FW13 show. There's room for light and dark lashes on the runway and on the street!

Images: ManRepeller/Twitter