'Adventure Time' Fans Will Love These Necklaces

Calling all Adventure Time fans! I found your new favorite jewelry line, and I guarantee you'll want to add it to your collection, ASAP. Etsy store Doppledew brings your favorite lovable cartoon characters to life in the form of handmade Adventure Time necklaces. It just doesn’t get any better than this for Cartoon Network fans.

Oh, wait — it does. All of the jewelry is hand drawn and hand painted. How cool is that? Most of the Adventure Time crew can be worn as necklaces, but the store also sells earrings and bobby pins embellished with quirky artwork, such as emojis. Plus, these accessories are actually super stylish and imaginative.

The Adventure Time designs feature a wide range of fan favorites: Cake, Fiona, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, and Lord Monochromicorn. Doppledew’s whimsical handmade necklaces show off the characters in a fun and dynamic way, and you’d expect nothing less. As shown on the website, they can be adjusted so you can wear them as a tight choker or a looser collar-style necklace, depending on what you’re into. They look great either way.

If you’re a fan of the hilariously bizarre cartoon, head on over to Doppledew's Etsy shop to get one of these bad boys around your neck, pronto!

Check out some of these amazing Adventure Time necklace designs below:

And now, time to resume your Adventure Time Netflix binge-watch!

Images: Doppledew/Etsy (5), Giphy