Kim Kardashian's Latex Leggings Are Pretty Great

Judging from her wardrobe as of late, I think we can deduce that Kim Kardashian does NOT have a latex allergy. Continuing what seems to be a bit of a latex clothing kick, Kim Kardashian wore latex leggings to Paris Fashion Week. Said leggings also happened to be extremely shiny.

It seems like Kim is taking a decidedly bold approach to her fashion week looks this year. First, there's the fact that she is now a platinum blonde. I'm still processing that. Then, the see-through mesh dress happened at the Lanvin show. Let's also not forget that she has been wearing tons of latex lately. From her AdWeek cover, to the pink latex number she wore to Madonna's London fashion week party, this is clearly her new obsession.

With this pair of extremely reflective pants, she's laughing in the face of VPL's that strike fear in the hearts of even the most ambitious of fashion risk-takers. Especially considering that paparazzi basically live for an asset-showcasing outfit like this, Kim's choice is especially cavalier. I mean, bravo for not giving any visible craps Kim. I've clearly underestimated you.

Furthermore, Kim's decision to give a little bit of a late-'90s club vibe is an admirable one in my book. From the colored fur jacket to the strappy sandals, she could be the fifth member of late-'90s electropop band Aqua. All she needs is some frosted lipstick, and she's good to go.

The obligatory back-view shot, because it's celebrity photography as usual.

Considering the mirror-like nature of these leggings, I'm guessing the "I can see myself in your pants" jokes will be plentiful.