Beyonce Wore Heels Dedicated To Her Beyhive

Beyoncé's fan base, known as the Beyhive, has been influencing her personal style in the best way. The singer took to Instagram last night to post a picture of her new shoes that mimic an actual beehive. If you aren't a die-heart fan, you definitely wouldn't understand the intensity of the moment.

The singer posted a picture of her ankles crossed and feet placed against a window, with the sun illuminating her transparent shoes that are divided by jagged black lines. Unfortunately, she didn't reveal the brand, so there's no clue if they're out there for purchase or are a custom design for the Queen Bey herself. The last time we saw her rocking a Beyhive-inspired look was with her daughter, Blue Ivy, on Valentine's Day when they covered their faces in bee stickers and last August when she showed off her bee earrings.

As with anything that Beyoncé posts, the image has gathered more than 900,000 likes, confirming that these shoes are a must have (but you didn't need almost a million "likes" to know that). Just a few days ago she posted a photo of a Bratz doll in a SURFBOARD sweatshirt that mimicked her clothing line inspired by lyrics and song titles from her 2013 eponymous album. There's even an entire Instagram page dedicated to dressing Bratz dolls in Beyoncé looks. As an FYI, if the Bratz doll gets those Beyhive shoes before the fans do, major jealousy will definitely ensue. But really, isn't it past due time for Beyoncé to release a bee-inspired collection?

Image: @Beyonce/Instagram