ASOS Denim Hub Will Change Your Jeans-Wearing Life

When it comes to selling fashion, ASOS has been on top of it lately. First, the online retailer gave us a sneak peek of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection modeled by their adorable office dog Bubba, rendering me entirely unable to to stop myself from shopping on the site, and now, they’ve just upped the ante! How? By changing the way you shop for jeans with ASOS Denim Hub. Since denim on denim is in, you’re going to be using this new service a lot this season.

ASOS has partnered with three well known Tumblogs: La Corgi (more dogs!), The Classy Issue and A Collected Gentlemen to style and advertise the latest ASOS Denim products and help promote the new shopping platform, proving that there’s way more than one way to wear your jeans.

The Denim Hub is a little something that’s definitely going to change your life. Available for men's and women's denim products, this is the best way to shop for denim online. Hub enables you to shop looks curated for you by stylists, search "how to" videos to help you rock your new denim styles, and information about the fit of the jeans submitted by real people who've actually woren them. Pretty amazing, huh? Shopping for jeans online has never sounded this simple — or this appealing.

And did I mention the denim-sporting corgi? We seriously cannot forget about dogs wearing non-dog clothing. Bring on the short-legged adorableness!

Check out this cool new way of shopping by visiting the ASOS Denim Hub for all of your denim needs!