7 Overalls That Will Make You Feel Like A Grown Up

My '90s upbringing taught me to believe that overalls were synonymous with dirty work like gardening or painting, or Beverly Cleary's famous character Ramona Quimby. There's something so nostalgia-inducing about overalls that catching sight of a pair can send memories of chasing your childhood crush on the playground and building forts with your friends swirling through your head. You weren't worried about ripping them when you were climbing trees — you were just all about letting the good times roll. But the look isn't just for kids anymore. Overalls are officially back in style.

We’ve seen them on the runways, we've seen them on the streets, and we’ve seen them on our dogs (probably — that would be adorable). So, don’t be afraid to sling on a pair! Just make sure they’re buckled because that could be awkward... or fun depending on the situation! Basically, if you're au courant you'll want to jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the world and get your fun-loving self a pair. Over all (see what I did there?), take a look at some killer overalls inspo that will make you drop your regular jeans faster than Ramona Quimby on her bicycle.

1. Zippered Up

You know these overalls came to play because they have a zipper down the front! This pair tells the world, "yes, I have my life together and you bet I can easily remove these when my bladder strikes."

Shapeless Chambray One Piece, $128, Free People

2. Thigh Rip

If I know anything at the ripe old age of 21, it's that thigh rips are not for the faint of heart. Nobody would accuse you of being unsexy in these babies. I'd highly recommend these for a date night this summer (if it ever arrives).

Denim Overall Flare with Thigh Rip, $83,

3. Leather

The lovely Danish fashion blogger, Pernille Teisbaek from, rocks these daring leather overalls like it's nobody's business. Try a similar version for a chic girls night out ensemble.

Designers Remix Erin Leather Dungarees, $460,

4. All Black

Newlywed and fashion queen Olivia Palermo stuns in a pair of simple black overalls paired with a sheer black top, sunnies, and gorgeous funky flats to complete her look.

Sierra Overall - Vintage Black, $279,

5. White Denim

Amsterdam based fashion blogger and stylist Lizzy Van der Ligt shows us that sometimes an all white ensemble is totally the way to work it. I don't know what it is about this look that makes me think of going for a picnic in Central Park. Who's with me?!

Similar: American Eagle Reverse Print Overall, $70,

6. Shorts

Fashion blogger Julie Sarinana is cute and casual in a pair of cutoff overalls layered over a red and white striped tee. The bronzed beauty looks stunning and farmer's market ready.

American Eagle Denim Shortall, $60,

7. Classic

It girl Alexa Chung looks super cool as she takes over the AG Jeans Instagram account for the launch of her new collection for the brand. She expertly paired the overalls with a classic, simple white blouse and some Chuck Taylors.

Similar: Alexa Chung's The Tennessee Sulfer Deep Lake, $325,

Images: vagengeym/Fotolia,,,, Instagram, Courtesy Brands