Ah, Another Kim Kardashian See-Through Outfit

by Arielle Dachille

New blonde Kim Kardashian is really getting hardcore with her fashion this year at Paris Fashion Week. First, she wore the see-through Lanvin dress. Then she rocked the metallic latex leggings. Today, Kim Kardashian wore another see-through dress to Paris Fashion Week that closely resembled a window. You'll get what I mean when you see it.

On Sunday afternoon, Kardashian wore a sheer Balmain cage dress while out and about in Paris. Cage dress is really the most appropriate description for the grosgrain and mesh frock, because it truly resembled a cage or a window with thick industrial panes. In short, it's a dress with the soul of a birdcage or a window. Because of that, I definitely would've appreciated some birds or cats embroidered into the see-through mesh. But hey! That's just me...

As one should do when they're wearing a high-fashion see-through dress, Kardashian apparently wore high-fashion underwear — gray briefs and a matching gray bandeau bra. Kim draped a pretty spectacular black wool coat with fur trim over her shoulders that I'd be more than happy to make my own. However, I can't imagine her coat is doing her much good while it's not fastened. She must be EXTREMELY cold.

The things we do for fashion...