Women Cover "Bohemian Rhapsody" With Boob Grabs

Boob-grabbing is probably the total opposite of what Freddie Mercury had in mind when he wrote this song, but we have a feeling he wouldn't complain about all the boob-grabbing going on in Australian sketch comedy group SketchShe's cover of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". More like "Boob-hmian Rhapsody", am I right? (I'm not sorry.) The girls went with "Bohemian Carsody" for the name of their video instead, given that the cover is filmed entirely in a car, but I still think mine is better. Because the song is so long, the whole thing is sped up, but not quite to manic chipmunk level. And the best thing about it all is the synchronized dance moves the ladies pull off.

I'm sincerely impressed by this kind of ability to execute such air guitar moves in such a confined space. Banging their heads like true rock-stars, for a moment I was worried one might accidentally head bang into an airbag and set it off. ("Worried"..."hoped"...whatever.) But like true professionals, the women make it through without incident. Maybe this will start a new trend in car-cover songs. If so, we're suggesting the girls cover The Cars, because obviously. They've already done a car cover of "Baby Got Back", so it's clear they have range. Watch the cover of "Bohemian Mammary" below:

The girls are funny, but still, they haven't got anything on Wayne's World:

Step down, rookies.

Images: YouTube; Giphy (2)