This Slow Motion Dog Is The Only Good Winter Thing

You don't have to tell me how 3964742% done you are with winter, because we are all right there with you, friend. Yesterday an icicle fell inches from my favorite face (my own, duh) and I looked up at the sky in full view of a busy street and yelled, "REALLY?!" That is why I have come to understand that this melodramatic and beautiful video of a dog running in slow motion in the snow is a sign from the universe: Winter is almost over. It only needed this last, ridiculous gasp so that this video could happen and make us all feel bizarrely nostalgic for the four-legged romp in the snow we never had.

Buddy the dog is just one of many adorable pets who have improved on our bitter winter by being adorable in the snow. For some reason, creatures without opposable thumbs get really pumped by the cold. In defense of me being a total seasonal Scrooge, I have decidedly less fur all over my body than they do (although I haven't shaved in so long that I'm probably getting close). Regardless, I encourage you to hold on for just a few weeks more until the temperature finally starts to be some semblance of normal again by channeling some of Buddy's WINTER EXCITE:

Behold this majestic beast, conquering the wilderness.

Braving the winter with his steely canine eyes.


The cold never bothered him anyway.

Images: YouTube