Rad Woman Shoots A Bow & Arrow With Her Feet

Archery is one of those things that seems so deceptively simple. Cavemen relied on their bow and arrow abilities to survive, right? And those dudes, as far as I understand it, aren't exactly emblazoned in history as being the most complex, capable creatures. So how hard could it be? Well, anyone who read Hunger Games and immediately signed up for lessons to channel their inner Katniss (no, really, archery is actually a pretty dope workout) can shut down that suspicion—quickly. Circus performer Dominique Martins one-upped the insanity and learned to hit the bullseye using only a bow, arrow, and her feet.

Right off the bat, Martins tips her entire body upside-down while balancing on traffic cones—this feat alone had me impressed, y'all. Then she pulls back the freaking arrow on the freaking bow and—spoiler—hits a perfect bullseye (which, for some reason, is also right in front of some dude's crotch). It is simultaneously inspiring and confusing. Plus, I mean, consider for a moment the strength necessary to pulling off such a stunt. You've gotta have some serious all-over body buffness to balance your legs over your head and manipulate them into doing something science likely didn't have in mind when allowing atoms to collide and people to become a thing. It'

Have another look and enjoy this strange Peanuts electronic cover:

And to think I felt good about myself just because I went to yoga this morning. I give up.

Image: ProAdventure/Flickr