Givenchy Had the Kookiest Makeup In All Of PFW

by Rosie Narasaki

Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week show had a lot going for it — there were, of course, the gorgeous clothes (but that almost goes without saying), then there was the fabulously star-studded front row (which had everyone from Kim Kardashian and her brand new platinum hair to Academy Award-nominee Jessica Chastain), and finally, there was the Pat McGrath-designed makeup. Now, I've been having a great time perusing all the various beauty at New York, London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week(s) (I was a huge fan of Michael van der Ham at LFW in particular), but Givenchy might just have taken the makeup cake for all the fashion weeks combined.

If nothing else, it's definitely the most attention-grabbing — it's more intricate than the Nordic-inspired makeup at Anna Sui and the seriously cool look we saw walking down the runways at Giamba Paris during MFW put together (and that's saying a lot). Add that together with the fact that it's somehow simultaneously more unnerving than the Ring-esque look Kendall Jenner was rocking on the Alexander Wang runway and you've got something seriously special. It's artistic, it's more than a little scary, and it's very high-fashion — and who knew that pearls could be so avant garde? Let's take a look, close up, because this piece of face art definitely deserves it:

Face genius Pat McGrath does it again, eh?

Images: Getty Images; Instagram