5 Solid Pieces Of Advice From 12 Year Olds

12-year-olds have always occupied a transitional space — you're no longer a kid, but you're not quite a teenager either. So what has changed? To find out what it's like to be a tween in 2015, WNYC interviewed New York City 12-year-olds about their lives. Besides being ridiculously cute and honest, these boys and girls happened to have a surprising amount of wisdom for "mature kids" (as one boy labels the age).

The world is a very different place than when I was 12, particularly since everyone now has access to social media. To be fair, I did have the Internet in sixth grade, I was just one of two girls in my class who knew what "surfing the web" meant. And even then, all I had to look at was all-text FAQs about The X-Files until I finally got on AOL at 13. However, while watching this video, I related to so many of the timeless issues with clothes, friends, relationships, and family that are no different for tweens nowadays. So forget life hacks from the older and more successful: here are six golden nuggets of advice from 12-year-olds that are applicable to anyone at any age.

1. If someone has the guts to say something behind your back, they should have the guts to say it to your face

This classic will never die, although "behind your back" can also mean "on gchat/snapchat/tumblr/twitter/facebook/vine/email/whatever" as well. Seriously though, nobody likes a sneak. This kid had it right: being upfront in life will get you far.

2. Don't feel pressure to dress a certain way

If only this problem ended with high school. You might get slut-shamed or prude-shamed for choosing to clothe or reveal your body as you wish, but it's better than falling victim to trends you don't even want to follow. Normcore? Half-baked grunge? No thanks.

3. The best thing in the world is family

I'm going to say this works if it applies to "chosen family," which means the people who you decide are in your inner circle — not necessarily based on blood. The best thing in the world is not your absentee parent or your abusive sibling and your dysfunctional family dynamic, but the people you call "family" in the best sense of the word. They are totally what makes life worthwhile.

4. Take 15 selfies a day

I can't twist this one to mean anything other than what it is. Although, maybe it can mean the selfie as a metaphor for self-love? In that sense, spend as much time you can each day awash in feelings of self-love. Or, you can literally take 15 selfies if you're really feeling your look that day. As you do.

5. Don't be stuck in an office doing something you don't enjoy

This is solid advice from someone who has likely never worked in an office. If there's anything that affects your day-to-day happiness levels, your job is it. I hope the girl who suggested this ends up following her own advice because we can all learn from this one.

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