Cameron Diaz Crosses Over To The Dark Side (Again)

Who says that blondes have more fun? While other celebrities are going platinum, Cameron Diaz has decided to go brunette. As springtime approaches, it is a very common trend for most women to lighten their hair and favor a brighter hue. Anna Wintour said fairly recently that trend is a dirty word. "Fashion today is so much more about individuality and reflecting a woman's character than trends" said Wintour during NYFW.

It seems that Cameron Diaz agrees with Wintour's statement. Although it is hard to say whether blonde or brunette better reflects Diaz's character. She is obviously ridiculously beautiful, no matter what color her hair is. However, dare I say, (and I may be bias because I too am a brunette) that Diaz's icy blue eyes are enhanced by her darker hair color? I think that they are. It is also very possible that Cameron Diaz was less concerned with reflecting her character and more concerned with simply doing something different. While everyone else is going blonde or dying their hair blue, a la Kylie Jenner, it is a smart yet truly anarchist decision to go darker.

It's a choice that we're sure her husband, Benji Madden was totally game for! As the couple left the restaurant on Saturday night, they were photographed holding hands. Madden even reached to open the car door for his wife. Good job, Benji Madden! Emma Watson approves! The couple also looked adorable and chic wearing matching black ensembles. Sure, it will be Spring in about two weeks but black never goes out of style and neither does Cameron Diaz, blonde or brunette.