Things To Do On St. Paddy's Day If You Don't Drink

Celebrating holidays like St. Patrick's Day when you don't drink can sometimes be a struggle. As a person who doesn't really like to drink very much, I can attest to this first hand. While I enjoy a few glasses of wine throughout the week, and the occasional fruity cocktail when the event calls for it, I mainly stay sober. As you can imagine, this has changed up my social life quite a bit. Forgoing alcohol is fine when it comes to hanging at the bar with my best friends, but the absence of alcohol in my life is most noticeable around big drinking holidays — like St. Patrick's Day.

But here we are, already into the second week of March, and St. Paddy's Day is approaching quickly. Make no mistake, I'm not judging anyone who uses March 17th as an excuse to get a little extra drunk — do you, girl! — but it's just not for me. And so, that poses a bit of a problem on the holiday: everyone is down to get wasted, and I'm just like, "But, I have work in the morning. And Netflix."

If you're in a similar situation, you're probably wondering what you're supposed to do on one of the biggest drinking days of the year. As someone who has dealt with this for a while now, I've got the answers! Here are nine things to do on St. Patrick's Day if you don't drink. I promise you'll still have fun!

1. If you want to go out, go out

Just because you're going to be sober doesn't mean you can't have fun. As long as you don't mind being the designated driver, go out with your friends anyway and have a great time.

2. Document everything your drunk friends are doing with pictures and video to torture them with later

This is arguably one of the best things about being the sober one: you will remember all of the ridiculous things everyone said and did, while they may not.

3. Find a sober friend to bring along with you

Can't stand the thought of being the only sober one, but you still want to go out? Find another friend who doesn't feel like drinking, and drag them out with you.

4. Stay home and cook an Irish feast

Just because it's a big bar day doesn't mean you HAVE to go out. Stay home and make corned beef and cabbage, and lots of Irish soda bread.

5. Drink ALL the Shamrock Shakes

Just get as many as you like. No one will judge you.

6. Come up with an awesome line to give people when they're bugging you about not drinking

If you don't drink, then you know that one of the most annoying things about not drinking is constantly having to defend that decision. Come up with the perfect zinger for when people start to bug you about it.

7. Stay at home and cuddle in bed while watching Netflix

Because why not? I'm sure there are some Irish-themed movies or TV shows you can watch on there if you want to feel festive.

8. Hit the movie theater or your favorite restaurant — it will be way less crowded than usual

Since a lot of people will want to do festive "Irish" things, and since St. Patrick's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, you'll have the movie theater or restaurant (as long as it's not a pub) all to yourself. Enjoy it!

9. Enjoy the feeling of knowing you will not be hungover tomorrow

Ahh, yes. The best thing about being sober.

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