Watch Old Lady Break It Down To "Ice Ice Baby"

Few things make the heart smile quite like the strained improvisation of modern dance moves by senior citizens. And what better incarnation of this Internet meme than a woman named Mama C “breaking it down” to “Ice Ice Baby”, Vanilla Ice’s 1990 iconic, loved-hated single known the world over. And truth be told, this woman gives Vanilla Ice and his bobbing team of backup dancers a run for their money. Anyone who’s ever been privy to grandparents letting their hair down at a wedding will attest to its wonder. Without a doubt, Mama C kills it.You won’t find any golden locks, dance crews, or coordinated two steps in this video. Just one tiny woman dropping it low while she prepares what we can only imagine was a mean dinner for her kin. Her hips sway hither and thither provocatively as she stirs that sauce; she kicks off her shoes in the middle of her set in an act of defiance; she keeps the party of one poppin’ despite virtually no response from anyone she invites to join in her celebration of youth culture. This woman doesn’t need your permission to get funky. Her pup stares up at her unsure of whether to be concerned. She picks the dog up and cradles him as she continues to bounce around the room in time with her kitchen timer, all the while completing her tasks.

Mama C reminds all of us that keeping it real knows no age. Mama C is all of us.

Image: YouTube