What Chrissy Thinks About Kim K's New 'Do

There are too many reasons to love Chrissy Teigen. Where do we even begin? There's her incredible sense of humor, her sweet, yet sassy personality, her enviable style, her food know-how, and then her straight-up honesty, all of which were showcased in her recent interview with ELLE magazine. Not only did Chrissy Teigen defend Kim Kardashian's hair choices in her interview, Chrissy also admitted that most of her hair is fake. God, we love this woman!

Teigen also dished on her ever-changing hair colors. "I think it's really fun!" Teigen told Elle, on trying new hair hues. "I mean look at Kim K. She went blonde and she looks beautiful. It's just hair!"

And about those fake locks. Teigen 'fessed up to rocking not just some, but a lot. "Ninety percent of mine is fake, so I don't care if I am going to change it up like crazy," said Teigen. "I have such a good team that I really trust. When they want to change it up and I'm ready for a change, I'm with it. Sure, people are going to give you crap. They're going to like it or they're not, but it's just hair."

We couldn't agree more! From Kim K.'s dramatic change to Lady Gaga's bright orange look, it goes to show that blondes (and redheads, brunettes, and every-hue-in-between) really do have more fun.Chrissy, you have our full support to get crazy at the salon.

Here are some of the drastically different hair hues and looks Chrissy has rocked over the last year:

Images: Chrissy Teigen/Instagram