Want To Grow Your Hair Faster? Try Gelatin.

Long hair, don't care. One thing long hair doesn't give a flying-you-know-what about is how fast you want it to grow. So long hair really don't care, if you know what I mean. Locks grow at their own pace, due to a variety of environmental and physical factors, like your diet. But if you want to make your hair grow faster, there is one beauty hack that I had never heard about until now and it's gelatin powder. Yes, gelatin powder.

It's not exactly a true hack, since it's not instant or quick, but it is something out-of-the-ordinary and it's cheaper than extensions or expensive salon treatments. That's hack-tacular, if you ask me!

Byrdie offered four tips for speeding up the hair growth process and I had previously heard them all, save for the gelatin powder suggestion. Cristina B., a stylist at Rita Hazan's salon in NYC, explained how gelatin, which is made from animal bones and byproducts and that's why some of my vegan friends don't eat sweet treats like eat Jell-O or marshmallows, works. It's a fairly common ingredient in all sorts of foods and you may not even be aware workthat you are consuming it!

"Glycine and gelatin are amazing for hair growth, amongst biotin and protein from the diet," the stylist said.

But you don't need to simply ingest more foods with gelatin, like gummy bears, in order to try and reap the follicular benefits. There are two much more passive methods you can employ.

"Adding gelatin powder to your shampoo and conditioner is one way to see great benefits, or adding gelatin powder to a cup of tea once a day can also help promote hair growth," Cristina revealed.

The gelatin blends best in hot drinks, so it would have to be a mug of hot tea. Why not enjoy a morning bevvie with a bit of gelatin? The hoped-for added benefits won't appear overnight and may need to be combined with other hair-growing tips, like taking supplements, noshing on proteins, and careful styling.

That, and mixing with your cleansing products, are easy ways to consume gelatin and to help hair grow without having to add too much time to your routine. You can nab gelatin inexpensively at Walmart or via Amazon.

I'm toying with trying it and just might let you know how it goes!

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