Miniature Donkeys Apparently Make Perfect Pets

Just under an hour north of Atlanta, in a small town called Canton, lies a place called Tanglewood Farm. It's patterned after a Wild West ghost town, and it is truly a hidden gem of the Southeast. It is a magical place not only because of the Patsy Cline that gets blasted over the decrepit speakers, shooting into the sky above the dust. The true appeal of this unassuming wonderland: The place is full of miniature animals you are allowed to pet. Perhaps most majestic among the lot is the convivial miniature donkey, which is the most massively adorable four-legged creature on Earth. A bit of research revealed an even more intriguing fact: it turns out, miniature donkeys are pretty much the perfect animal.

For starters, the little dudes originated in North Africa and Mediterranean Islands and landed in the U.S. around the 1920s. They don't need a whole lot to keep chugging—water, grain, hay, and "a mineral salt block", which makes this little friend endearingly low-maintenance. They tend to not grow over 36 inches and live to be between 25 and 35 years old. Another precious detail? They're really quite social animals and prefer to live with another donkey or other type of buddy. YOU COULD BE THAT BUDDY.

That little smirk, y'all. And perpetual bedhead! Pair all that with the fact they also love human children and we have a cute explosion right here. Behold, actual video evidence of miniature donkeys Trevor and Tulip of the Zoological Society of London:

So, like...anyone wanna adopt one of seven of these babies with me? Yeah?

*Quits life*

*Adopts 12 miniature donkeys*

*Frolics in fields with them for 50 years*

*Dies happy, surrounded by miniature donkey brethren*

Images: YouTube; Miniature Donkeys/Facebook