7 Things Every Dressing Room Should Have

If you shop frequently, a dressing room may seem like a second home to you. Before purchasing a new shirt, pair of pants, or party dress, it's important to be sure the garment fits well, looks better on you than it does on the rack, and is comfortable enough to actually go about normal life activities whilst wearing. Some dressing rooms have an eternal impact and some are quick to forget — and, honestly, the latter is probably better.

Dressing rooms can make or break a shopping experience. They can mean the difference between a new favorite store or one you'll never set foot in again. If the lighting is off, the mirror is a little tilted, or the room is just too small, it's likely the clothes will go right back on the rack.

Which is why every dressing room — no matter the store or geographic location — needs these seven things to facilitate the ultimate shopping experience. Maybe this is a little much too ask, or a little too grand for a typical retailer's budget, but I have a theory these seven must-haves would drastically improve the fitting room experience, and make consumers more likely to keep coming back for more.

1. A Lighted Mirror

Lighted mirrors are every woman's best friend. Suddenly, the best features are (literally) brought to light. Lighted mirrors make everything look awesome, but they also don't lie. If a shirt looks bad, the mirror will let you know.

2. Enough Room for a Dance Party

It's necessary. In order to be sure a piece fits properly, you have to be able to dance in the garment. Those dressing rooms with doors that can barely close with just you inside leave no room for getting your groove on.

3. A "Send Help!" Button

I was once shopping for a new bra and the dressing room had a button that would alert a sales associate if I needed a new size or somehow got stuck (which would have been tragic). Thankfully, I didn't get stuck, but I did need a new size and, due to my state of relative undress and the immediate locking door, was not able to actually leave the dressing room to grab it myself. That button was a lifesaving.

4. A 180 Degree Mirror

This is a no-brainer. Three mirrors surrounding your body allow you to check out how the piece looks on you from all angles. And they won't make you as claustrophobic as 360 degree mirrors do.

5. True Mirrors

There's nothing worse than trying on a shirt at a store, then going home to realize it looks totally different than just a few hours ago. If you're anything like me, you've run through a list in your head, blaming yourself. Were those hunger pains actually growth spurts? Should you have skipped the cinnamon and sugar pretzel? Were you too distracted by the cuteness of the shirt to realize that it actually looked terrible on you? No, dear, it's not you. It's the mirrors that lie to you.

6. Selfie Cam

If shopping alone, it would be so much easier to actually have a tool that sends pictures to friends than having to snap a selfie of yourself in the mirror while trying to model a pair of pants. For those times of uncertainty, getting a second opinion is important. And taking a selfie while modeling clothes never does the outfit justice. Heck, it hardly does you justice.

7. Water

By the end of a full day of shopping, I'm exhausted, thirsty, and leave feeling like I've already gotten my workout in for the day from simply slipping in and out of multiple items. Water would definitely help the situation.

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