Now Your Cat Can Go On Vacation Too

Hiring a pet sitter while you're on vacation isn't just for the dogs anymore. Online pet sitting services community DogVacay has launched CatVacay, a new site connecting cat sitters with cat owners who are looking for trusted and qualified pet sitters to watch their feline friends while they're away — just in time for that spring break trip you're planning. So while you're enjoying the view from your fancy four-star hotel, you can make sure your cat is enjoying some pretty sweet digs as well.

While DogVacay has always offered a concierge service that matches all types of animals with the perfect host, the popularity in cat ownership and the subsequent demand for sitters prompted the site to create a new community specifically for cat lovers.

Here's how it works. Cat owners can go online and choose vetted cat sitters to step in while they're away. The site also offers pet owners insurance for each stay, 24/7 emergency support, and daily photo updates to make sure their pet is living it up during their time away from home. CatVacay can also hook pet owners up with sitters who are available to do in-house stays as well — meaning your kitty never has to leave the comfort of its own home while you're gone. Cat owners can have a sitter stop by to check in and care for their cat while they’re away, or have a sitter stay overnight in their home to give their cat 24-hour supervision.

Which is great, because contrary to popular belief, cats do get lonely and experience anxiety when left by themselves, just like our canine friends.

"Generally, it's better for cats to be watched in their own home as they usually do not adapt as readily as dogs to a new environment," Nicole Ellis, Product Manager at DogVacay, tells Bustle. "Cats can also go longer on their own than dogs, but they should be checked on at least once every 24 hours."

Today, the average rate for an overnight stay on DogVacay is $25, and in-home check-ins tend to run between $15 to $20. CatVacay expects to see the same range.

To reserve a sitter for your cat, be sure to register and book well before your trip so that you have time for free meet-and-greets.

Images: Pixabay; Giphy