Makeup Makes This Man Look Just Like Kim & Kylie

We all know the power of makeup: It's ability to mask a zit, paint a plump pout, or even counter the effects of aging, but the ability to transform you into an entirely different person? Now that's a kind of magic I thought only photoshop could perform. But it's not magic, simply just a talented reality for Paolo Ballesteros, a male makeup artist that can transform into Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and other celebrities just with cosmetics. And yes, the results are pretty awe-inducing.

Ballesteros, a 32-year-old Filipino actor, model, and makeup artist has gained 687,000 Instagram followers by morphing himself into popular celebrities. He starts by showing his makeup-free face, then adds a wig, false eyelashes, some serious contouring, and lip color to mimic the likeness of celebrities. And though he looks nothing like Kim K. or Katy Perry in real life, the results produce some serious twinning. Most recently, he's taken on Kim's dramatic platinum blonde hair, her little sister Kylie Jenner's seriously amped up lined lips, and capitalized on the Fifty Shades of Grey hype by morphing into Dakota Johnson.

Apparently, Ballesteros learned the ability to drastically alter his appearance by watching YouTube videos, but this still takes some serious skills. I can barely handle a YouTube cat-eyeliner tutorial, so a complete facelift is pretty impressive stuff.

Images: Getty Images; pochoy_29/Instagram