We Need Lily James' Newest Red Carpet Look

Star of the upcoming Cinderella motion picture Lily James continues her on-brand debut of modern day princess apparel at a red carpet at AOL Studios in New York City, for which she wore an ivory Camilla and Marc top and A-line skirt paired with darling strappy sandals (how anyone balances atop a shoe that lacking in actual structure deserves commendation). James wore her hair down and in waves, with minimal makeup and a gold statement necklace.The appropriately styled look was perfect for AOL’s ongoing BUILD speaker series, which the Huffington Post (whose parent company is AOL) describes as an event for “sharing perspective, opinions, ideas and expertise from the outside in and inside out. A regularly programmed event, BUILD sessions range in both topic and speakers, both internal and external: Build your mind, your network, your knowledge, your perspective.”Lily James has been killing it in princess-style garb for the majority of her public appearances both on the red carpet and off leading up to the film, a move not lost on fashion bloggers who’ve been eyeing the 25-year-old’s looks.

Of the look for the AOL red carpet, Kate Thomas wrote, “James chose to pair a simple white skirt with an even more simple white tee, but despite their simplicity they have a lot of dynamic,” writes the Daily Mail. “You can see the impeccable quality in the structure of each piece which leaves us wanting to stock our closets with only the finest basics.” They recommend a similar Camilla and Marc short sleeve blouse with a similar t-shape to get the look for yourself. I’d instead suggest this chiffon blouse from Forever 21 that’s a lot kinder to your budget (more specifically, it won’t cost you over $200).

Certainly, James wins points for being brave enough to attend any event in an all-white ensemble.