Sarah Jessica Parker Lets Us In Her New Office

Leave it to Sarah Jessica Parker to turn a construction area into a chic photo shoot. Just a few days after Parker's shoe line celebrated its first anniversary, the Emmy Award-winning actress announced that her company SJP Collection is moving into a new office via a series of photos on her Instagram account. The NYC office space will serve as the headquarters for Parker's successful venture into high end footwear, which her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw would totally obsess over.

Parker's photos barely reveal anything about what the new SJP Collection office will look like, but a photo of the Sex and the City star perched atop a scaffolding while doing some shoe-inspecting probably means that she will be very hands-on with the space's overall construction and design. Parker, who wore a white top, denim jeans, and gold flats to her new digs, also shared a view from one of the office windows that overlooks other brick structures. It was enough to distract Parker from doing some heavy lifting. "Sure hope I can get some work done," she said, but soon after, posted a cheeky photo of her looking out the window with traces of floor dust imprinted on her backside.

The new office won't be ready for a few more weeks, but given SJP's amazing sense of style, it will be worth the wait.

Take a peek at SJP Collection's new office space below:

Images: Sarah Jessica Parker/Instagram (4)