Justin Bieber Has His Old Bieber Hair Again

by Stephanie Chon

And I was like baby, baby, baby, OHHHH...wait, this isn't a #throwbackthursday photo of the Biebs? I guess someone's feeling a little nostalgic for the good 'ol days. Today, Justin Bieber uploaded a selfie with his old skater boy hair. And of course, Beliebers are heart emoji-ing the crap out of it. Although it's definitely reminiscent of his old hairdo, it doesn’t totally look quite like 2008 Biebs' hair to me.

Bieber went with the pensive smolder pose and captioned his Instagram, “Hello old Bieber hair, I got it back lol.” But honestly, it doesn’t really look like his old hair. I mean, I guess I sorta see what he means, but from what I remember, baby Biebs had those super long bangs. You know, the ones that grew straight down with the tips curved to one side so that they wouldn’t end up fully covering his eyes? And I can’t forget about those draping side burns that would cover his ears like a baseball helmet. Nonetheless, he’s definitely almost back to baby Bieber hair status. I wonder if he’ll end up growing it back out or getting a fresh new cut again.

Either way, with all this talk about Bieber’s old hair, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and check out Bieber’s hair transformations.

Rockin' a cute pigtail look during the '90s

Aww! Biebs looked adorable with that straight bang look

And grew. A lot.

But no worries. Gotta get groomed for the tabloids!

His bedhead doesn't look bad! He should've rocked this look more often

Loved this look. So clean!

That time he went for the dapper look. Yup.

That time when he went Super Saiyan

The Ellen DeGeneres

The Willem Dafoe

We wonder what the future of Bieber's hair holds...

Images: justinbieber/Instagram (11)