This Dance To "Stay With Me" Will Wreck You

It usually takes a lot to emotionally wreck me before I've had my morning coffee, but here I am, possibly drowning my laptop in fangirl tears. Like most of the world, I am starting to nurse a Sam Smith obsession that only gets more ridiculous over time. But you don't even have to be a Sam Smith fan for this video of two dancers performing to the Boyce Avenue cover of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" to leave you completely speechless. Emilio Dosal and Kelsey Landers are the two dancers behind this concept piece, and I am not at all ashamed to announce to the internet that after watching this, I am in love with them both.

The choreography of this performance is so compelling not just because the dancers are amazing at what they do, but because it weaves such a raw and relatable story through every single movement and beat of the music. Just when you think they have captured a moment to stunning that you literally stop breathing for a moment, they'll whip right around and do it again. The story they paint is of two best friends at odds with each other because one of them wants more, and the other isn't willing to give it. You root for them the entire time, and its heartbreaking conclusion will make you want a movie starring the two of them just as badly as I do.

Just look at honesty of this dance. It's is awe-inspiring.

The video starts with their argument, and quickly progresses into their physical expressions of it.

I cannot get enough of these beautiful human specimens.

The camera work on this is absolutely gorgeous, by the way, and follows the narrative through the apartment space.

I'm not going to lie, I was tearing up by this point. They are fictional. I know. I know that. But I also just want them to be happy.


Here's the full video of the performance, if you think you are steel enough to handle watching it without turning into the human puddle that I am at present.

Images: YouTube (7)