Parents Explaining "Loud Sex" To Kids Is Hilarious

by Kat George

If you live on planet earth and have access to the Internet, you've watched at least one video that's titled something along the lines of "[Type of person] does [regular life thing] for the first time." Our collective favorite parody site Clickhole has done it again with their video "Awkwardly Adorable! Watch These Parents Describe Loud Sex To Their Children For The First Time," a riff on the popular style of videos thriving on the Internet these days. It's the perfect amount of mockery and hilarity to make all other "first time" videos seem silly, and actually, make every thing about living and communication seem sort of ludicrous, including both loud sex and explaining things to people.

The explanations for loud sex are great, and in the grand tradition of parents using love to explain sex, all revolve around how much the "mommy" and the "daddy" love one another. So much that the sky blackens and they much scream about it, apparently. If only this was a real discussion humans felt they had to have with children. Not just explaining sex, but loud sex. That would make the world a much more hilarious, embarrassing place to live. Watch the great parody video below:

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