The Ultimate Guide To Dating Across Europe

Dating customs are constantly changing. If you've ever tried to explain Hinge to your grandma, you know what I'm talking about. The dating rules and how we fell in love even just 20 years ago are totally different from how we swipe right today. Remember on Full House when Stephanie Tanner got stood up at the school dance by her crush? With technology that would never happen today. Because if that jerk didn't answer his cell phone, she'd definitely tweet about it.

But it's not just time or technology that affect our love lives—it's location, too. MySingleFriend, the dating site that that puts your friends in charge of your profile, evaluated the European dating scene and created this awesome interactive dating map, which is filled with incredible observations about what's cool in each country when it comes to courtship. From the average ages people get married to the places where online dating is never spoken about, some of these customs are going to blow your mind.

Here are five to know about, because hey, it's not too late to book a Euro vacation this summer if you a see a country that fits your style.

1. The Divorce Rate Is Only 18% In Spain

The Spanish definitely value commitment but marriage isn't something they rush into — the average age for women is 31 and men is 34. In the US, it's 27 for women and 29 for men.

2. Online Dating Is Not Openly Talked About In Switzerland

... but many are signed up on dating sites.

3. You Can't Show Up To Your Partner's House Empty Handed In Malta

Better stock up on house plants.

4. Don't Be Fashionably Late To A Date In Germany

Never on time? Romance with a German may not be in the cards for you. If you don't turn up at least 5 minutes early for your date gets CANCELLED.

5. Lithuanians Aren't Down With PDA

Lithuanians are traditionally introverted and won't show emotions to acquaintances. Don't even think about smooching a partner in public.

Provided by MySingleFriend