Dumb Moments We've All Had

We've all had those moments where we've done something so extraordinarily stupid, we can hardly believe it, right? I hope so — because if we haven't, then it looks like I and the folks behind BuzzFeed's “Dumb Moments We've All Had” video are alone in our clumsiness. That can't really be the case, right?… Right??

I'm not kidding when I say that this video is, quite literally, my life. I am always doing stuff like this, and no matter how well people know me or how much they already know to expect it from me, it's still embarrassing every. Single. Time. The big question, of course, is why? Why do I (and other people like me) keep doing these things? Although some might chalk it up to carelessness, I'm not totally sure that's the case; I'm a rather detail-oriented person, so I don't tend towards randomly forgetting things. Obviously I do occasionally forget things — after all, I'm not a machine (unless I'm actually a Replicant and nobody bothered to tell me) — but I make a point to minimize my forgetfulness.

Maybe that's the problem, though — the whole “detail-oriented” thing. Maybe focusing on the minutiae so much regularly gives me a case of “missing the forest for the trees”-itis. Or something. In any event, I am well versed in the art of falling down, trying to get back up, and hoping no one noticed. Odds are they probably did notice, but oh well. It happens, right?

For the curious, the dumb moments of which I am speaking include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Trying to drink out of something that is definitely not a straw…

2. ...Followed by having trouble drinking out of your actual straw.

Liquids in general are just sort of a problem.

3. Ricocheting off of a door.

I do this even when I'm not on the phone. I'm starting to think that maybe I have some depth perception issues.

4. Saying “I love you” as you bid farewell to the guy who just took your delivery order.


5. Sitting down and missing your chair.

This one? This one is the worst, because it hurts. As in, not just your pride. It is physically painful and results in many days of uncomfortable sitting.

6. Looking frantically for something, only to realize that you're already holding it.

This is especially embarrassing if you're on the phone with someone and tell them that, yes, you'll get them that contact info just as soon as you locate your… phone. Which is currently in your hand, because you are talking to someone on it. Smoooooooth.

7. And of course, putting your sweatshirt on backwards.


And over...

And over again.

Here. Watch the full video and bond with me over the rest of them. Who hasn't accidentally reversed the first letters of two words in a sentence and ended up spouting absolute nonsense?

Images: Fotolia; BuzzFeedViolet/YouTube (9)