4 Male Beauty Vloggers You Need To Follow Now

In case you missed it yesterday, Paolo Ballesteros broke the Internet with his mind-blowing makeovers into Kim Kardashian and Dakota Johnson. But what you may not have known is that he is not the only male artist dominating the makeup world. Some of my favorite makeup artists and video bloggers are men — from drag queens to professional freelancers. If you look back at the history of makeup, it's not hard to see that men have been influencing the industry for quite some time. So many of today's trends, like an ombre lip, have roots in drag. And lest we forget the glam rock of the '80s, when rock stars wore rouge and black liner. From ancient Rome to 18th century England, men have always worn makeup, and worn it well.

Today's male makeup vloggers provide product reviews, tutorials, and how-tos for a variety of looks for both men and women. The more you watch, the more you learn: tools, tips, and techniques for doing good makeup is universal. I rounded up some of my favorite male makeup vloggers on YouTube. These guys have some serious skills, so get ready to sharpen your brow pencils and take some notes, ladies!

1. Jordan Liberty

Jordan Liberty is a professional makeup artist who works on big magazine shoots (many of which have major celebs gracing their covers). I love Liberty's channel because he believes in working on a variety of ethnicities, age groups, and skin concerns. If you can't find a makeup artist to follow that speaks to your needs, check him out.

2. PatrickStarrr

Patrick is hilarious and crazy talented. He got his start photoshopping makeup onto photography clients' photos, and then graduated to YouTube superstardom. He completely transforms in his videos, teaching everything from drag looks to everyday beauty. He is a master of contouring, and his lash game is on point.

3. Manny Mua

Manny Mua does excellent product reviews, covering a wide range of price points. He rocks beard stubble and cheek highlight simultaneously, which, let's face it, takes mad skill.

4. Mathias Alan

Another working professional artist, Mathias takes viewers behind-the-scenes to share beauty and makeup secrets reserved for the uber rich and famous. He gives tricks for certain skin types, and how to make the most of what your mama gave you.