This Japanese Beauty Trend Is Literally The Illest

There have been some pretty amazing beauty trends to make it to the U.S. by way of Asia, like BB and CC creams, hydrating sleep masks, and oil cleansers. This is one fad that I don't see catching on stateside, though — at least, I hope not. Apparently, the latest Japanese beauty trend is looking sick by creating the look of red-hued undereyes.

The look is called "me no shita chiiku," or undereye blush. And while some women, like Harajuku model RinRin Doll, are imitating the rosy look above their cheekbones to appear girlish and innocent, some are working the ill look to create a sort of damsel-in-distress vibe. Apparently, sickly pale skin and "worried brows" pair perfectly with it.

Asian women have long been known to focus on making their skin porcelain smooth and creating an eye-popping look inspired by anime. Remember those circle lenses we talked about? Big, cartoon-like peepers are all the rage, and the undereye blush is supposed to give pupils some extra oomph, RinRin told Refinery29.

Whether the motivation is to look young, sick, or like an anime character, it's certainly an odd trend. Considering how much time we spend trying the take redness out of our undereyes, it's crazy to me that halfway around the world, people are doing the opposite. On second thought, maybe it'd be great if this caught on here. Finally, the dry, red eyes that plague me in the winter would actually be stylish.

Image: rinrindoll/Instagram