7 Miranda July-Inspired Bermuda Shorts To Shop Now

Indie princess Miranda July made Bermuda shorts look cool at the Miu Miu show in Paris this week, which is quite a surprising feat. July, who produced a short film for the brand in 2014, paired her black bermudas with a multicolored plaid button up and pointy-toed nude heels, creating for a rather quirky ensemble. The combination looks more like something you would wear for a summer stroll versus Paris Fashion Week, but maybe that’s the point.

For years, Bermuda shorts have been difficult for many (read: most, if not all) people to pull off. The awkward length, which is often tight around the thigh, is hard for people with regular leg proportions to pull off. However, the secret to July’s chicness? The loose silhouette, which makes her bermudas more like the shorter cousin of culottes, an item that has been taking the fashion world by a storm as of late.

While I’m not exactly aching to recreate July’s full ensemble, I do think Bermuda shorts are going to make a comeback. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking as I approach the ripe old age of 23 and feel like I can no longer wear too-short cut-offs and be considered a functioning adult, but I’m pretty sure it’s likely with the trendiness of culottes.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jump on the Bermuda short trend before it gets popular (you can thank me later) with these 7 pairs.

1. These Faux Leather Ones From Forever 21

You have to admit, leather bermuda shorts are pretty badass. (Faux Leather Bermuda Shorts, $19.80,

2. This Silky Striped Pair From J.Crew

Just think about how nice and cool you would be during the summer. (Collection Stripe Silk Short, $118,

3. This Super Casual Pair From Madewell

You know you would be super comfortable wearing these drawstring bermudas from Madewell. Bonus: The shorts are long enough that you won't burn your thighs on hot leather car seats and whatnot. It's a win-win. (Drawstring Trouser Shorts, $88,

4. This Professional Pair From Lulu's

There's like a 87 percent chance you could get away with wearing these at work during the summer. Maybe avoid the crop top though... (Cute To Boot Grey Bermuda Shorts, $22-$37,

5. These "Shorts" From Mango

I'm not sure if I would technically consider this example a pair of shorts, but that's how Asos classifies them, and they're cute, so whatever (Mango Black Bermuda Shorts, $22-$83,

6. This Crisp Pair From H&M

Just imagine yourself prancing around the Hamptons in this chic white pair from H&M. Go on, just imagine it. They also come in black for those of you without souls, like myself. (Bermuda Shorts, $38,

7. These "Culottes" From Club Monaco

Technically these are culottes, but the length is approaching Bermuda short territory, so I deemed them appropriate for the roundup. But seriously, how cute are these? (Edu Culotte, $295,

Images: Forever 21, J.Crew, Madewell, Lulu's, Asos, H&M, Club Monaco, Getty