Miranda Lambert Shows Off Her Rad, Retro Style

Here's some not-so-breaking, but equally important music-meets-fashion news: Miranda Lambert's "Little Red Wagon" music video dropped this week and the world is swooning over her style. Lambert kills it in a retro red one-piece and lingerie in her signature color pink. She completes her '50s look with a yellow bandana and cork-soled heels. And if things couldn't get more adorable, she sports a belt studded with the words "Mrs. Shelton," an ode to her The Voice coach hubby, Blake Shelton.

I'll let you in on a fun fact: Miranda Lambert lives in my hometown, and she's right about that whole "my-disposition-permeates" bit of her personality she sings about. The town - Tishomingo, Oklahoma - is largely different thanks to her arrival: business is booming (by our standards) and famous musicians and movie stars have been known to drop by and stay at her bed and breakfast, The Ladysmith, or shop her store across the street, The Pink Pistol. In fact, her store is having a sidewalk sale this weekend and you can bet your bottom dollar I will be shopping.

The last time I ran into Miranda was, well, literally like running in to her. I was coming out of a store on Tishomingo's main street, opened the door and there she was - sunglasses on, bandana tied around her head and hoops dangling from her ears. We awkward-danced around one another, excusing ourselves. I watched her walk on to another store front and stop to take a look at herself and make minor adjustments to her already adorable look. She's less-than-inconspicuous at home, wearing knee-high cowboy boots and looking every bit the country rock star she is.

In addition to featuring her rad, retro style, the video stars one of her many dogs — in sunglasses! Anyone who's a fan of Lambert knows that she is a huge animal lover through-and-through (she is the founder of MuttNation Foundation, as well as a rescue shelter in Tishomingo). Between that and her awesome looks in the video, what's not to love? Thanks for being the coolest, baddest bitch in country music, Miranda.

Watch the video to see her amazing fashion for yourself!

Image: YouTube