Guys Hilariously Try To Identify Beauty Products

I've never been very good at lady things. I've had the same makeup routine since I was about 16, and I very rarely deviate from it or change products. So I definitely sympathize with these guys Cosmopolitan asked to identify women's beauty products. Sometimes I see my friends putting something on their face and I have to nod and smile and pretend that thing is normal to me. For instance, in this video, the men are handed an "eyelash separator" which is something I've never seen, let alone actually used. There are definitely more obscure beauty items chosen here (like a "hair bungee", whatever that is), so the guys shouldn't feel too bad about not recognizing them. Honestly, most women are fairly low-maintenance and lazy, so I'm guessing the average woman doesn't have most of the items in the video in her tool box. Basically, the moral of the story is it doesn't matter if you know or don't know what any of these things are. But it's definitely funny to watch people take a shot at guessing what these things are used for.

Meanwhile, there might just be a little bit more to the unknowable mystery of woman than what makeup accessories she uses. A lot of us don't have time to curl our eyelashes in the morning because you know, we're living our lives and don't care so much about whether our eyelashes are curly or straight. Anyway, without launching into a full feminist psychoanalysis about the way reductive stereotypes of women are perpetuated by the media, if you can hang up your preachy pants (mine are on the hook for now), the video is pretty adorable, and all the guys are very funny as they try to figure out what they're holding.

Now, there might be some more revealing ways to challenge the way in which men understand women. For instance:

1. Ask them to identify a map of the female anatomy (They don't teach guys in school that women have three holes, apparently.)

2. Ask them to describe the process of a pap test

3. Ask them to guess the annual cost of pap tests, birth control, and menstruating

4. Ask them to guess, from a number of executive-level positions are held by women in the U.S.

5. Show them advertising featuring women and ask them to dissect what they think those ads tell us about a woman's role in society

I mean, we could be here all day...

Images: YouTube; Giphy (5)