Cat Hugs His Dog Pal After A 10-Day Separation

Anyone who says cats are heartless, dead inside demons can now please take a seat. This cat, Jasper, hugging the crap out of his dog buddy, Bow-Z, after a 10-day separation, is living proof that cats have feelings too. Take that, dog people. Jasper repeatedly jumps up on Bow-Z, throwing his front paws around the dogs neck in a passionate, human-like cuddle. Bow-Z patiently waits for Jasper to be done, but every time the dog attempts to walk away, the cat cries and jumps up for another hug. It's as absolutely adorable as it sounds.

As well as putting to bed the stereotype that cats are horrible, unfeeling creatures, I think we can also discard the notion that cats and dogs are sworn enemies. If only solving human conflicts was this easy! Cats and dogs, it seems, for all the pressure humans have out on them to be rivals, actually just want to be best friends forever. And why not? They both like the same things: eating, lounging and playing. They're both furry, both get around on four legs, and both are spoiled and adored by their humans. You know what? If cats and dogs got together, they'd be able to take over the world. Or at least well and truly break the Internet.

Here are some other cats and dogs being best friends, in case you needed further proof:

1. The original cat and dog best buds, Milo and Otis

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4. This cat who just wants to help her dog pal get clean

5. This dog who is all like, "He ain't heavy, he's my brother" about his cat friend

Images: Getty Images; Giphy (5)