9 Outrageous But Cool Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

The three weeks surrounding Valentine's Day are known as "engagement season," and the weeks afterward lead us straight to "wedding season." If you haven't been asked to be a bridesmaid for at least one of your friends yet, don't be surprised if the invitation comes very soon.

The job is a great responsibility. Not only do you get to help prepare and stand beside a good friend on her wedding day, but the gifts aren't all that bad either. Of course, the cost of the dress, shoes, bachelorette party and wedding shower all add up, but the bride makes up for it by asking her friends to stand beside her on that special day. The invitations can be basic (we've seen enough ring pops, OK?) or really creative (with a Karlie Kookie, perhaps?). But because I totally support creativity and unspoken truth, I've created a list of nine amazingly outrageous items that all bridesmaids would probably much rather receive that that standard, customized tote bag.If you have a wedding coming up, consider giving your BFFs these gifts to make your special day even more special. You'll definitely have all your friends and their friends talking about these gifts. That is, until they see you in your wedding dress:

1. Clarisonic

"Mia 2" Sonic Facial Cleanser, $149, Clarisonic

Gifting a Clarisonic for any special occasion might at first seem like a huge insult to the giftee. For a wedding, you might be worried about coming across as that bride who asked her bridesmaids to make sure their skin was clear before taking pictures on the big day. Let's be honest, though, all girls want this wondrous tool. However, it's a splurge for any normal shopping trip, so it's usually passed up in exchange for cotton balls and a typical makeup remover. You could get your closest girls this gift, though, and show 'em you're just fulfilling their shopping desires.

2. The Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette, $54, Sephora

Quickly become all of your bridesmaids' actual best friend by getting them the Urban Decay Naked Palette. After all, it's the first thing you bought to treat yourself after a bad day, and then again for your engagement. Although it's pricey, you will become the MOH in all of your bridesmaids' weddings if they open an invitation to find this expensive, but totally must-have beauty tool.

3. The Day Designer

Day Designer Mindful Strategic Planner, $60, The Grommet

Whitney English, the lifestyle blogger who invented the Day Designer planner, says that it's perfect for women who run their own blogs or businesses. But I think it's perfect for just planning life. Get your girls this very expensive (but pretty!) calendar/to-do list, pre-marked with all your important dates — like dress fittings, flower ordering times, family airport pickups, etc.

4. Embroidered Handkerchief

No Ugly Crying Hanky, $18, Etsy

I'm sure my sister wished she got me this for her wedding. Instead, I had to hide a tissue in my hand while holding a bouquet and vowing to only wipe my nose when we were praying. I was the ugly crier standing right next to her. And she has the pictures to prove it. Your girls will actually appreciate this gift/reminder on your special day.

5. A Flask

Twerk Juice Whiskey Flask, $20, Etsy

I mean for the bachelorette party, of course. Let's not pretend we haven't seen a flask in Claire's and wanted to buy it. Even if it's just to hold water.

6. Friendship Bracelets

Silk Alpaca Alloy Yarn, $21, Purl Soho

You might want to add this to the "please don't" list, but hear me out. Even though you're big girls now, and one of you is about to get married (how weird is that), it never hurts to remind your friends that they're, well, your friends. If you can't be silly and embrace your inner child with your buddies, who can you do it with?

7. A Piece Of Art

Watercolor Paintings Woman Bridesmaids Gift Creations, $30, Etsy

This painting is really beautiful, and I love the history behind it. Giving your girls a slightly random work of art when asking them to be in your wedding might seem a little weird. But it's something that they will forever be able to show to friends and family. And if you give them each a unique work, they'll know you're cognizant of their artistic tastes and personalities.

8. Personalized Signature Jewelry

Signature Bangle Sterling Silver, $41, Etsy

Jewelry personalized in your own handwriting, or your individual bridesmaids' handwriting, is so cute. Just make sure the handwriting is neat so you can actually read it!

9. Coin Purses

Spring Forward Wicker Snail, $298, Kate Spade

Coin purses are kind of the most outrageous gift in general. You might not think anyone makes the effort into pulling out a whole separate bag in their purse anymore. However, if it's Kate Spade, you should rethink your hesitation. Because, really, who wouldn't want a miniature slug?

Images: Apatow Productions; Courtesy Brands