Jessica Chastain Loves Jewelry As Much As You Do

Sitting down with Harper's Bazaar UK, Jessica Chastain detailed her love of jewelry and reminded everyone why she's your best friend. The elegant star of Zero Dark Thirty and Interstellar, is an unabashed fan of precious gems, brilliantly explaining that women hold a fascination with precious stones because, "They reflect light and there's some happiness in that." Chastain went on to explain that colored gems are powerful enough to even change her mood, and who could argue with the star? Jewelry is a perfect outward expression of how we're feeling on any given day.

Chastain has been a fashion darling almost since the moment she came onto the scene. Without fail, the star has dazzled at press tours and on the red carpet during awards season, and while in Paris speaking to the magazine, Chastain discussed her relationship with Piaget, the Swiss watch and jewelry design house, whose designs she wore to the Oscars this year. When asked what she loves about their jewels, Chastain responded, "I am a woman who loves old-time glamour. I love the history of the brand, whose timepieces and jewels were worn by Jackie Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and Brigitte Bardot." That's quite a list of old school Hollywood elite, but Chastain fits right in with her classic movie star elegance.

The leading lady doesn't just think jewels are useful for her red carpet moments though. Chastain describes how Maya, her character in Zero Dark Thirty, wore the same necklace throughout the film. The actress explains the way makeup, hair, and jewelry helped her add layers to her depiction. The actress explains, "...if I connect myself to a piece of jewelry and create the history of that and the character, I’m putting on her mask."

Basically, Jessica Chastain is a woman after your own heart. Whether she's becoming your newest feminist heroine or calling for more diversity in Hollywood, Chastain is truly a star. When you add her love and acclaim of the power a good statement piece, you pretty much have a perfect person— with a really great collection of jewelry!


Image: Getty Images