How Is Olivia and Abby's Friendship Fairing?

Female friendship, although awesome and common and totally natural in real life, is a rare thing to witness on television. Which is why it's awesome that Scandal is continuing to show the friendship between Abby and Olivia this season, even though Abby has left Olivia Pope and Associates to go work at the White House. Because even though their relationship might not be the smoothest, we've seen over and over this season that the two of them really are friends.

This week, as the psychological fall out from Olivia's kidnapping begins to take a toll on her, it's Abby who's the only one to both address the issue with Olivia head on while not trying to either coddle or push her. Because, let's be honest, a working lunch is probably the best kind of therapy for Olivia Pope short of, you know, actual therapy. And while I am all on board with Scandal really digging into the complex inner life of their leading lady with a few therapy sessions — not mention on board with whatever kickass therapist they'd need to bring on to handle Olivia — in place of that, I'm also totally on board with Abby and Olivia continuing to hash a few things out over salads at the office.

Abby and Olivia haven't always had the most conventional relationship, and things aren't always easy or harmonious between them. But when it counts, they're both there for each other. When Abby calls, Olivia will do everything from bringing her a dress at work to destroying her abusive ex-husband's political career. When Olivia needs to cry, Abby holds her — and then even musters up the courage to lecture the president of the United States in the Oval Office on Olivia's behalf. And when Olivia got kidnapped, Abby was not only the voice of reason pulling her out of her delusions in Olivia's head, she was also half out of her mind with worry in real life.

Female friendships are rare on television, at least ones that aren't either superficial or catty. But even though Olivia and Abby fight, little moments like Abby coming to Olivia both to help with her problems and to ask for help with her own show that the two of them might be complicated, but their friendship is real. And that's pretty awesome.

Now all we need is to see more of it!

Image: Nicole Wilder/ABC