5 Paris Fashion Week Nail Trends To Rock Now

Can we please hold onto Fashion Month a little longer? I can totally feel it slipping away from my fingertips. Oh, and speaking of fingertips — let’s talk nails! Obviously the nail art game was super high all throughout Fashion Month, but what caught my eye were the more practical, everyday manicures from Paris Fashion Week. Not only are they easy to DIY, they're also super fitting for spring, so you don't have to wait until fall to rock them.

I've compiled a list of my favorite Paris Fashion Week-inspired nail trends that can are entirely doable on your own, because let's face it — ain't nobody got time to be gluing dangling charms and 3D figures onto your nails. I don't even want to get into maintaining those babies. So, here: five simple fall nail trends that you can easily rock this spring, straight off the runway.

1. Metallics and Shimmery Polish

It’s such a ‘90s throwback style, but as a ‘90s kid, I’m all for it. Plus, you can run with the '90s theme into your outfit and pair your nails with a flannel, high-waisted jeans and a snapback. On the runways during Paris Fashion Week, many designers had their models painted with warmer and darker metallic tones. But for spring, we can definitely brighten it up with more pastel, shimmery colors. Genny had their models in a lime green metallic mani that made their nails look like cute little Easter eggs.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

2. Nail Doodles

As we were all fawning over Giamba's temporary face tattoos, we missed the simple nail doodles. Just lay down a base coat, grab a thin nail art pen, and start drawing away! The simpler, the better. And don't feel like you have to draw something on every one of your nails.

3. White Out

Holly Fulton went with simple, fully white nails while keeping the clothes fairly monotone. You can also try to combine the doodle art with a white canvas instead of a clear base coat.

4. Color Blocking

Au Jour Le Jour had mismatching colorful nails flashing down the runway. This may look challenging to do, but with some tape, it's super easy.

5. Mismatched Manis

Dior always turns heads on the runway, but this time it might've been because of the dual nail polish action that was going on. As a result, this nail trend sparked my attention. I can't wait to rock it this spring with a couple of pastel colors.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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