See The World's Cutest Morning Stretch Routine

The human race has come up with some weird fitness crazes. It's kind of our thing. Recently we saw the dawn of the "Hungry, Hungry Humans" game (which I'm still full onboard with), and I definitely saw people competitively Hula-Hooping in the park last month. But I need you to dismiss everything you thought you knew about exercise, because I just found the fitness craze of 2015. No, craze is the wrong word, because I have a feeling this one's here to stay. I'm calling it Chipmunk Yoga, and it will be entirely based on this chipmunk who has his own morning stretch routine.

You have a right to be skeptical, because those words I just typed are pretty weird, but if the population was willing to give aqua cycling a chance, then the least you can do is hear me out on this. You are in good hands (claws?) with this little critter. He is clearly a pro at what he does, and looks happier and more relaxed stretching his little chipmunk butt than I do taking off my bra at the end of work day. I'm not saying that you should start working out (because ugh), but if you absolutely have to, I can't imagine you'll find anything more imperative to your health than this.

You know what? I'm feeling generous. I'll even throw in the first class of my Chipmunk Yoga craze for free, so you can see its clear superiority for yourself. Go get your yoga mat and follow this little guy's lead.

First, make sure you stretch out every single muscle you could possibly have on your face.

Then assume the Downward Chipmunk position.

Make sure you get a really good stretch in. If you think you're ready to take it to the next level, TRAVEL WITH IT.

Then make like Taylor Swift and "shake it off."

Throw in a few Supermans for good measure.

Warm down with a nice cool-down stretch and relax.

And lastly, don't forget to be unreasonably adorable all the time.

Here's the full, wonderful situation:

Did that not just change your life forever? Now you can officially claim the hipster honor of knowing about Chipmunk Yoga before it was really a "thing," because I guarantee by the end of 2015 this will be available at every gym, or I die trying.

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