7 Conversations You Only Have With Your BFF

Period bloat, weird dating fantasies, and hard-to-hear real talk can all be filed under things you probably don't want to discuss with your siblings, co-workers, or your S.O. These topics are designated BFF only, as a new Buzzfeed video about the 7 conversations you have with your best friend suggests. Sure you can tell your new acquaintance that you think the guy she's really into actually sounds like a soulless suit or that her pot smoking might be affecting her on-the-job performance, but do you really want to? Tough truths are better suited to besties, because only your best friend knows how to sweetly let on that those pants are just not working with your look today, girl.

I personally count on my BFF to laugh at all my awkward sex stories, help me make crucial decor decisions, tell me when my boyfriend sucks, and coach me through new eyeliner experiments and how to ask my boss for a raise.

Even though our lives are completely different, somehow we both manage to be there for each other and provide the advice that not just any other female can provide. When it comes to no-holds-barred chats, the power of the BFF bond is unstoppable.

Images: gigihadid; Instagram