Meet the 8-Year-Old Model Making it Big In Asia

There's no denying the fact that fashion has a thing for pint-sized models. There's just something so indisputably adorable about putting a toddler in clothes that are a little too fashion-forward for someone their age. I mean, even Karl Lagerfeld's cold, cold heart seems to have been warmed (or at least thawed) by 6-year-old Hudson Kroenig (the son of his perennial favorite male model Brad), who now walks in every Chanel runway show and has even stared in his own campaigns. And we all remember the Instagram frenzy instigated over the Dior and Tom Ford wearing 5-year-old Alonso Mateo and his perfectly styled ensembles. Unlike the over-saturated world of adult modeling, there's always room for a bright young pre-pubescent face. Enter insanely adorably 8-year-old Korean-Australian child model Dennis Kane.

At just 8 years old, this little boy's already breaking hearts all over Asia. Though he's still too young to even have his own Instagram account, Kane has already taken social media by storm with his amateur modeling photos for local Korean brands. Fan accounts and Tumblrs, largely based in China and the Philippines, have already started proliferating images of the preternaturally cute Kane across the Internet. If he's already this photogenic after only eight years of practice, just imagine what his modeling future holds in store! Let's all just hope that puberty treats him kindly.

I mean, Kane makes even a PB&J look like the new must-have accessory for Spring and he could clearly teach Tyra a thing or two about smizing.

Someone get this boy a Gucci Kids campaign already!

Image: Shine Kane (Dennis Kane) Philippines/Facebook