New Graphic Tees Are Coming To Jawbreaking

If you haven’t heard of an online shop called Jawbreaking, well, you've been missing out. Now that I've told you about it, be warned — it's about to be your new fave shopping destination. (Please don't hold me accountable for all of the money you’ll spend there!) If you love graphic tees and sweatshirts, this is the place for you. Their items are riddled with pop culture references and if you wait until March 15, you can be the first to scoop up their new arrivals for spring.

Jawbreaking has been previewing the new selections via sneak peeks on their social media accounts, and from what I’ve seen so far, well... let's just say I’ll take one of everything! The spring 2015 wares will definitely include at least one comfy cozy sweatshirt and three adorable, but sassy tees. If there’s one thing Jawbreaking is good at, it’s giving a little bit of 'tude. One shirt reads, “Cute AF,” for example. Sweet, but sassy. I gotta have it!

Jawbreaker founder Aly Silverio, said, “We want you to look at our products and go ‘I NEED that.’” And boy, do I! I think Silverio is getting exactly what she wanted, and I hope that she keeps on delivering because these spring additions are just what I want to see.

Yes, I'll take them all.

Can't wait to do absolutely nothing and still look cute in this.

Uh huh. Perfect to snuggle in.

These really seem like the perfect wardrobe investments for those lazy spring days spent just lounging around and enjoying finally getting to be outside (or more like, you know, occasionally looking out the window as you let Netflix know that yes, you are still watching). No judgment, here. These products are great for however you spend your time.

Image: Jawbreaking