Shay Gave Ashley the Ultimate BFF Gift

Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson, stars of the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars are not only co-stars and BFFs on the show — they're super close IRL, too! At least, that's what this Instagram of Ashley Benson sporting shoes that Shay Mitchell bought her for her birthday suggests. With so many stories of co-stars who secretly did not get along, it warms my heart that these two are ultra-close.

If you follow any of the PLL stars on social media, you'll know that they're currently in the off-season, so they're out doing their own things while on a break from filming the hit show. Benson, for instance, is getting in plenty of quality friend time. Lucy Hale paid a visit to Disney World, while Troain Bellisario is still doing her acrobatic thing, and Shay Mitchell seems to be traveling the world.

Maybe the slippers, which she customized with her and Benson's BFF nicknames, are a gift from one of her adventures across the world? The shoes, which look very comfortable, have "Buttah" stitched into the left foot (for Mitchell) and "Benzo" stitched into the right (for Benson, of course). Not only is this the best best friend gesture ever, but Mitchell is totally telling all adults that cheesy best friend gifts are still cute post-junior high.

We have a guess as to what the two PLL stars are going to be wearing to the big "A" reveal episode this next Tuesday.