Shailene Woodley's Hair Accessory Is On-Point

Divergent star Shailene Woodley stunned when she cut her long hair into a wonderful pixie bob prior to her turn in The Fault in Our Stars. She just stepped up her beauty game, however. Shailene Woodley rocked feathers in her hair at the world premiere of Insurgent and it looked amazing. Woodley's Ralph Lauren dress was phenomenal, of course, and the look was totally elevated by the feathers that provided a welcome surprise whenever the actress turned her head.

Of course, short hair is a huge trend, especially lately. I have the thin hair that probably should be cut into a pixie, but I'm scared that I won't know what to do with it, style-wise, once it's short. Woodley, however, just proved that the feather trend looks great even if you have minimal locks to work with. The actress is known for her earthy, all-natural lifestyle (she eats clay and grows her own food), so the bohemian feathers, which blended perfectly in with the color of her hair, are the perfect accessory.

Feathers — they aren't just for middle school girls who blow their allowances at Free People anymore. I'm thrilled this trend has reemerged in time for music festival season.