Kate Moss Compliments Nicole Richie's Style

Whether you want to admit it or not, when someone notes on how fashionable you are (in a positive way), it feels good. And when that someone is like uber fashionable, it feels really good. For example, in an interview with Kerry Washington once (it was like a three minute interview), she told me I was "beautiful," and I've literally been chasing that feeling ever since. So when Kate Moss said Nicole Richie's style inspired her, we subliminally felt amazing for her.

During an interview with, Moss fessed up to admiring Richie's style. "I like the way she dresses," said Moss. "She puts her outfits together really well; she always looks relaxed, but great." And I were Richie, knowing that the stunning 41-year-old supermodel (with a closet I would kill for) thought I looked good, I would be so overwhelmed with happiness that I might just dance about it.

Moss went on to talk about some of her biggest beauty habits, like self-tanning, which I guess is something she does a lot. And as someone who has never self-tanned – mostly because I have no need to because I would totally try it – I'm impressed at her ability to look so natural, instead of orange. This whole article just made Moss go up a few levels in brain rankings. And it made my positive feelings about Richie just get that much more real.